Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Secret Santa!!!

Thank You Ronda and Olivia!
First of all Alivia LOVED the fact that not only did she get a present from her friend that "has diabetes like me" but that she got a present from a girl who has the same name!

"Ruby" the bear with diabetes!

 I had no idea they even made a girl one, we got the boy one when she was dx and now he has a wife!!! (Alivias words, not mine) The 1st thing Alivia did when she opened her was go get the boy one so they could be together.

We also got an ornament for the Christmas tree...

The Giving Tree book...
This was actually one of the very few books we didn't already own, great pick!
It even came with a picture of Olivia and her big sister Gwen inside and Alivia points to Olivia every night (yes, we've read it every night since we got it!) after we read it and reminds me "this is Olivia, she has diabetes just like me, just incase I have forgotten from the night before!"

A Christmas tree cookie cutter...
Which we put to good use already!

and a super sweet framed poem about families...

Thanks again Ronda and Olivia (& Family) they were such thoughtful gifts that she can keep for the rest of her life! Can't wait for the day when the 2 O/Alivias get to meet each other in person!

Sorry this is so short but my computer and blogger are not getting along very well lately and it's super FRUSTRATING!!!
And what happened to the spell check???