Friday, May 29, 2009

My first day back to work...

So Thursday was my first day back to work and even though I dreaded going I sucked it up and went...Daddy sat in on all the teaching and soaked up all the knowledge just as I did so no major worries. First of all my kids don't go to daycare, I work from 6:45am-1:45pm and my hubby works from 3-11pm so they're always with one of us! Well I left the house at 6:30am and everyone was still asleep. I got to work and txt my husband at 7:30 just so see what her number was cause when he did the 1am check she was 119 (the lowest she's been since being home from the hospital) but got no response, so I called his cell and the house answer. I tried again and again left quite a few messages how he needs to keep his phone on him at all times...blah blah. By about 9:25 I started to panic and decided to go home and check in. When I was about 5 minutes away (9:32 to be exact) he finally answered his phone! I told him I'd been trying to call all morning and I wanted to make sure she got her shot at 7:30 this morning...his only response was we've been busy!...ERRRR! So when I walked in the house Alivia was sitting at the table with a bowl of cereal....humm that's too many carbs for snack time I say (which is to be eaten at 9:30). That's cause it's breakfast I'm told! So I check the meter to see what time the check was done...9:34am! After I'd talked to him!!! So I very calmly walk upstairs to my room to calm down a desk is a wreck! Some one colored all over every thing and pushed all sorts of buttons on my computer...classic signs of a bored 2 year old who's Dad is still sleeping!!! So I ask my 4 year old...yep Daddy just woke up! I was so pissed!!! Yes we all make mistakes but don't hide the truth from me! And why not put your phone next to the bed in case you over sleep! I'm so frustrated!...Why doesn't he take this a seriously as I do? A two hour difference might not make a huge difference in anything other than the fact it threw off the whole days schedule but what if she was really low this morning keeps running through my mind! Am I totally over reacting???

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank you!

I just wanna tell all of you that have posted comments on my blog Thank You for taking the time to let me know that you're all here for me! I don't have to tell you cause you all already know but it really does help to know there are other mothers out there that are going through is with their own children!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My First Break Down

During the time in the hospital we ever given so much information from so many people (some of which came from people who weren't Drs and had no business opening their mouths) that I just felt so completely overwhelmed! Now that we've been home the realness of this is finally setting in. I find myself praying every time I check her blood that they made a mistake and her levels are back to normal and this is over with! I had my first break down in the isle of our grocery store while holding a box of Dora fruit snacks (her favorite snack)...she'll never be able to enjoy them again. She'll never have another day that doesn't include counting carbs, shots and finger pokes. Will she even get to remember what a care free life she enjoyed before this? I used to strongly believe that everything happened for a reason but I really can't think of any reason why this needed to happen to my baby girl!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Diagnosis...

From what we can remember Alivia's symptoms really started showing about 2 months ago. She'd been potty trained for over a year and all of the sudden she started wetting the bed and having accidents during the day and whenever we in the car. She also started drinking a TON of water and anything else she could get her hands on, she even started "stealing" other peoples drinks and chugging then down! About 2 weeks ago I called the advise nurse at our clinic and told her about this, she thought maybe she had a bladder infection and the front desk scheduled me for May 29Th to see the Dr. I knew it wasn't a bladder infection and because of a good friend of mine who's son has type 1 I planned on asking her Dr. to check her for diabetes. Sadly she didn't make it to that appt before becoming REALLY sick. On Sunday May 17th we noticed she had lost her appetite and she became really tired. By Tuesday she started throwing up, her heart was racing and she was breathing really I called the advice nurse back with the new symptoms, she told me to give her sips of sugared soda and call back in a few hours, which I did. This time I told her she kept the soda down but was still really lethargic, she told me to keep up on the soda and let her "sleep it off". She continued throwing up through out the night and first thing in the morning I called the advice nurse back and told her I wanted to see the dr NOW! I put her in the car for the 20 minute drive to the clinic, she slept the whole time and was having a really hard time breathing, I really wanted to pull over and call an ambulance but I knew I could get her there faster. We made it to the clinic and waiting in the waiting room for a good 10-15 rush to them, she just has a little stomach bug. The nurse called her back and weighted her...I was so shocked to see 27pounds!...she lost 7 pounds in a month! The dr came back and I went over the symptoms again and brought to his attention the weight loss. He decided she needed an IV and sent us over to the hospital. He said if she perked up we could go home by the afternoon if not we'd need to stay over night. We got up to our room at Southwest and the first thing the nurse asked was if they checked her glucose level, I told her no and told her about wanting to get her tested because of the bed wetting. She assured me the dr would test her today. They got her IV started and she continued sleeping. About an hour later the nurse came back in and told me my suspicions about diabetes was correct and her blood sugar was at 583! She said they would be moving her down to the emergency room and a critical care transport ambulance from Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital would be coming to get her and take her to the ICU there. Down in the ER the dr told me that not only were her glucose levels high but that her Keytones were at 6! And she had Ketoacidosis which is a serious condition that can lead to diabetic coma. They started her on insulin and we waited for the transport team. We spent about 24 hours in ICU before we started seeing her improve. We were moved into a regular room and the learning process began. We met with educators constantly and set up a food plan and shot schedule for her. After 4 days in the hospital we finally felt comfortable enough to take her home with us!