Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Addison update part 2!

First of all thanks everyone for all your thoughts and prayers for Addison! It was a very stressful day for me but all the comments and txt kept my mind from wondering to all the bad things that could go wrong with my baby bug.

We got to the hospital around 10:30am for check in.
At this point she hadn't nursed since 7:30am, she nurses about every 3 hours during the day so she was just hitting that 3 hour mark. I had it all planned out in my head, keep her awake until 10am so she's sleep at least until 11am, when I thought they'd put her out for the ultrasound and scan. Well thanks to a nice little boy in the waiting room that threw a HUGE screaming fit in the waiting room as soon as we got there that didn't happen!!! She woke up and of course was ready to eat, Tony walked her around and around the waiting room trying to distract her, I kept checking my phone waiting for her to be called back. When we were called back the man introduced him self and said he'd be doing the ultrasound, humm thought they were putting her out for that??? Nope! Lucky guy got to do the ultrasound on a very hungry and fussy baby!
After about a half hour of that he got what he needed and led us to another waiting room to wait for her next procedure.

Her nurse and anesthesiologist were super nice, they went over everything with us. I really felt at peace handing my baby over to them. By this time it had been 4 1/2 hours since her last feeding and she'd finally given up and had fallen fast asleep in my arms. We were sent to the cafeteria for lunch and told to come back in about an hour and they took my baby girl away and through the door...
The hubby and I went down to get some lunch even though neither of us were very hungry. Finally an hour had passed an we went up to the waiting area. After a few minutes I heard my baby girls cries.
The nurse saw me standing at the end of the hall way and let me come in and get her, boy was she MAD!!!
After a good feeding and some Tylenol my happy girl was back!!!

Ready to go home!!!

Monday was her follow up visit with the specialist and her results were GREAT! Both kidneys are functioning perfectly and both are doing their fair share of the work. We'll just continue follow up ultrasounds about every 6 months

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Addison Update!

Well folks almost 4 months have already flown by since Baby Addison joined our family! I feel like time goes by faster with each baby! Makes me so very very sad!!!
She's sleeping through the night and growing like a weed  


Her swaddle blanket!
Her swing
Her binky (most of the time)


The car!!! She HATES the car! Screams the entire time!
Anyone who's not Mommy
Bath time
Bouncy chair
Tummy time or any other floor activity that requires her to be out of Mommy's arms

At her last appt with the kidney specialist he reviewed her prior labs and ultrasounds and ordered another blood draw, renal scan and a nuclear medicine scan. I was all fine and dandy with this until the nurse called to set up the appointment and informed me that she needed to fast before getting PUT UNDER!!! SAY WHAT??? No one told me she needed to be knocked out for the procedure and how do you expect a breastfed baby to fast!!! The nurse said she had to be completely still for the procedure so that's why they choose to put the kids under. And she also said that because she is breastfed she can nurse up until 8am (4 hours before the procedure). Well tomorrow is the day and Im FREAKING OUT! I just want to cancel the whole thing!...But I can't!