Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3 month Endo appt...

Well the time has come for yet another check up for Alivia with the Pediatric Endo. Leading up to the appt I was looking through her log book and although most of her numbers were in range  they were pretty much on the higher end, it wasn't until a few weeks before the appt that her numbers were coming down into the range I preferred. Current 14 day average on the meter...139, 90 day average...214! I figured were were looking at an A1c of 8.1 and was really surprised when it came back at 7.5! I thought for sure all the time it took us to get adjusted to the pump and getting the basals set would of done a number on her A1c but I guess when you check and correct every 2 hours around the clock it doesn't do much damage.
The Dr. looked over her numbers and decided not to change much except the target range and to up her basal just a tad. He said we have great control but if we wanted to could even get it a little better. I'm all up for better!

We changed her target from 150 to 130 during the day and from 150-200 to 130-150 during the night. Already her numbers have been great! We chatted a little bit about her weight again, she's now up to 50 pounds and is following the growth curve but just above it. He's not too concerned about it yet. After our appt we took the advanced pumpers class and learned about cool features of the pump like combo bolus!!! We tried it out on our Saturday morning Starbucks hot chocolate and it worked great! Such a cool feature!
-Enjoying a S'more with no high blood sugar spike!-

On our appt/class days Tony takes the day off and we try to make the day special for Alivia, all our attention is on her and we let her pick where we have lunch, This time she picked the hospital cafeteria of all places! Silly kid!

After lunch we met up with a fellow D-mom Amy and her kids at Cafe Sip-n-Play (best invention ever!). We got to sit and chat while the kiddos played, it was so amazing to talk with another D-mom face to face. I long for the day when I can chat with all you guys face to face too!!!
-Holding baby Addison-

-Giving baby sister a bottle-