Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Does anyone have facebook? I'd love to have someone to chat a bit with during the day :)

No more NPH...Yay!!!

So when leaving the hospital we were given set meal times with a set amount of carbs and a set amount of insulin... 7:30am Breakfast-45 grams-4 1/2 NovoLog & 4 1/2 NPH 9:30am Snack- 15-30 grams 11:30am Lunch-60 grams 3:30pm Snack- 15-30 grams 5:30pm Dinner- 45grams-4 1/2 NovoLog & 5 1/2 Lantus 7:00pm Snack- 15-30grams with correction to be given at lunch, bedtime and 1am if needed Well we thought no big deal, this girl loves to eat and if not she'll drink milk or juice no problem...well we were WRONG! The first few weeks went well, no lows, she was eating what was offered, other than a few daddy mishaps it really wasn't too bad. Then all of the sudden she started out right refusing to eat or drink at lunch which was so not good being that her NPH peeks at lunch time, so for about a week she had Dr.Pepper for lunch, not my idea of a balanced meal! And she also started dropping into the 50's several times a day, refusing to drink a juice box, once again good old Dr. Pepper to the rescue! We had an appt with our educator last Monday and we talked a lot about struggling with the set doses and a 2 year old with a mind of her own and she talked with our Dr. about taking her off the NPH for now and letting us let her eat the amount she wants then us figuring out her dose. It's an extra shot but it's worked out well for the most part and she's back to eating normal (must of just been a control issue) the only real struggle now is that she's entered into her "honeymoon" period and her blood sugars have been dropping rapidly,she's been below 50 at least 14 times since last Monday! We're on the phone daily with the insulin adjustment line and have gone from a 1:10 ratio to a 1:20 in a matter of a week, and her Lantus is down from 5 1/2 to 2units at dinner.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weight gain!

When I took Alivia to the Dr to get her fingers and toes checked out they weighed her and she's already gained the 7 pounds she had lost before being diagnosed!
(right before being diagnosed)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So while I was at work this morning I received a txt from my hubby..."You gave her her shot this morning right?"...WHAT!? In a panic I called right away... "What do you mean I gave her her shot? When I left for work you were getting her breakfast ready and since we give her the shot after she's done eating there's no way I could of given her the shot I wasn't even home!" ..."Oh crap I forgot. What do I do?" Call the dr! Which he does and gets everything all figured out. I came home early just as she had finished her lunch (apple juice and pancakes) I ask about her blood sugar before lunch..."Crap I forgot to take it!" SERIOUSLY!?...you're messing with my baby's life! "I forgot" is getting old! This is the 4th time he's "oops-ed" We will be having a serious discussion when he gets home tonight!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Peeling fingers and toes???

Last Monday I noticed what looked like a popped blister on Alivias thumb, she said it didn't so didn't really think about it much and just avoided it for the finger pokes. Then over the next few days I started noticing all her fingers starting looking that way. Then on Saturday morning I notice it was happening on her toes too.
I called her endo cause I thought it might have something to do with the blood sugar pokes (we use her toes at night). She said she'd never heard of that being associated with diabetes at all but knows it can happen with kids who have a bad virus. She said if I was worried about it I could take her to her regular pediatrician... Hello all my daughters skin is peeling off! Of course I'm worried about it. Luckily our clinic is open every weekend for urgent care so she got to see one of our regular Dr's. She said it was probably caused by the amount of stress her body had been through and since it wasn't infected she wasn't too worried about it and thinks it will go away on it's own. However my step-daughters mom said she's heard about it in children with diabetes when they're first diagnosed cause of lack of nutrients or something like that. Has anyone ever heard of this? It creeps me out and we're running out of fingers and toes to poke!