Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So while I was at work this morning I received a txt from my hubby..."You gave her her shot this morning right?"...WHAT!? In a panic I called right away... "What do you mean I gave her her shot? When I left for work you were getting her breakfast ready and since we give her the shot after she's done eating there's no way I could of given her the shot I wasn't even home!" ..."Oh crap I forgot. What do I do?" Call the dr! Which he does and gets everything all figured out. I came home early just as she had finished her lunch (apple juice and pancakes) I ask about her blood sugar before lunch..."Crap I forgot to take it!" SERIOUSLY!?...you're messing with my baby's life! "I forgot" is getting old! This is the 4th time he's "oops-ed" We will be having a serious discussion when he gets home tonight!


Nicole said...

One morning I woke up in a panic because I could not remember if I had given Cara her insulin after dinner. I woke my husband up and asked him if he remembered and he replied " I thought you gave it to her" OMG... I ran up to her bed and took her blood sugar, she was in a good range... thank God!
I think that we all go through those days and we can't beat ourselves up over them....we are only human! and we are trying to do our best :)

Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

I'm sorry. Stuff like that can really rattle your nerves. I hope you were able to have a discussion with him about this stuff. Maybe you could write notes to help people remember and leave them around.

Anonymous said...

Stuff like that really does happen but I think you need to remember that nothing was done on purpose. Mistakes in D care are going to be made by everyone at some point. I am sure that your husband had no intention of harming his daughter. Diabetes in the beginning is a big learning curve. The good thing is that an insulin mistake is an easy fix, you may have to wait a bit to see what the number is, but in the end I think that working together as a team and trying not to criticize each other is the best game plan. My son has been diagnosed for about 7 yrs now and his father and I still continue to make mistakes with his D care. It happens.

kgroenbeck said...

I remember being where you are right now. My daughter hit her one year anniversary with type 1 diabetes in April of this year. We had times we also forgot shots only to panic later and have to call Iowa City for what to do. I think it's harder for Dad's, not that they can't handle it but they are not the MOM. You will be amazed at the quantity of information you will be capable of learning over the next few months. I never thought I would know that 1 oz. of grapes was 5 carbs. You will do fine. Not saying you won't have moments of sadness on the "loss of a normal childhood" for your daughter, I still do. It is so unfair that this happens. But like you said "things happen for a reason". I believe that God gave this challenge to our family so that we can in turn help families that are just starting down this crazy new life that has been laid in their lap(or hit them like a mack truck like I'm sure you feel, as we did). Have faith, ask for help, ask questions, vent when needed, and love on the beautiful little girl who will one day be a great example for another little girl who will be diagnosed. I will be praying for your family and know that you are not alone.
Kathy Groenbeck
I am thinking about starting a blog, it is a great way to communicate with others who are going thru the same thing.

Robin B said...

I feel for you My husband still gives my son snack...sneeking. But I yell and he understands. He understands that it is life with our son, we have been going on 9 months now, and it still happens, it happened with us last night. "D" life is a big change, and I give him credit if he asked you if you gave her the shot, and not just assumed and kept quite. So my best advice and I'm sure everyone will agree...PATIENCE is what diabetes needs...and lots of it. Feel free to email me any time, or visit my blog...ourbeazfamily.blogspot.com
Feel free anytime, you aren't alone in having trouble with you spouse when it comes to "d" life.