Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Addison Update!

Well folks almost 4 months have already flown by since Baby Addison joined our family! I feel like time goes by faster with each baby! Makes me so very very sad!!!
She's sleeping through the night and growing like a weed  


Her swaddle blanket!
Her swing
Her binky (most of the time)


The car!!! She HATES the car! Screams the entire time!
Anyone who's not Mommy
Bath time
Bouncy chair
Tummy time or any other floor activity that requires her to be out of Mommy's arms

At her last appt with the kidney specialist he reviewed her prior labs and ultrasounds and ordered another blood draw, renal scan and a nuclear medicine scan. I was all fine and dandy with this until the nurse called to set up the appointment and informed me that she needed to fast before getting PUT UNDER!!! SAY WHAT??? No one told me she needed to be knocked out for the procedure and how do you expect a breastfed baby to fast!!! The nurse said she had to be completely still for the procedure so that's why they choose to put the kids under. And she also said that because she is breastfed she can nurse up until 8am (4 hours before the procedure). Well tomorrow is the day and Im FREAKING OUT! I just want to cancel the whole thing!...But I can't!


Donna said...

Oh my goodness! What a shock that must have been for you! I can't believe they didnt tell you earlier that the procedure would require her being put under a general. (((Hugs))) friend... both you and Addison will be in my thoughts and prayers today!

Joanne said...

She is beautiful... look at those eyes!

Elise had to be knocked out for a CT scan when she was 7 months and she did great. Just a little cranky afterwards. You'll be fine too, just remember to breathe and be strong for your little girl!

LaLa said...

She is SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm going to go check Facebook for an update!
I'm praying for you!!

Unknown said...

Praying and waiting for an update....please let us know soon.


She's absolutely perfect.

Lora said...

Keep us posted :)

Amanda said...

Your kids are so beautiful!

So how did the kidney thing go?