Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alivia's 3rd Birthday!

Oh my gosh...I can not believe my baby is 3!!!
Seriously though this year has gone by SO fast!
I swear the older I get the faster my kids grow up!
Well this year Alivia chose a "Princess Party", it was mostly family but she had a few friends there. We had all "free" foods to eat and cake of course! I timed it so we would eat the cake at her afternoon snack time so that she'd actually be able to have some, and that she did! She was actually low when we checked her before the cake so we even let her have a little of the frosting.
(Daddy helping Aunt Christy check her blood sugar)
Alivia opening her presents...
And of course every birthday brings the well child visit. It was actually the 1st time seeing her pediatrician since before being dx. She apologized for the advice nurse not putting together all the symptoms I had mentioned during my many many calls to the clinic in the days leading up to the dx and explained to me how really rare it is to see diabetes in a 2 year old, Alivia was the youngest both the pediatrician and the on-call Dr we saw that day had seen with it.
Alivia was right on target for all her developmental goals, except for staying dry through the night. Alivia has been potty trained both day and night since 15 months old, we had to put her in pull-ups at night a few months before being dx and we haven't been able to get her to stay dry at night since! Is this a normal diabetes thing or just a stubborn child?
Well the bid shocker of the day was that she was 40 pounds!!! She was 27 pounds only 4 months ago! She also grew 2 inches since then. This put her in the 50% for height and over the 95% for weight! The Dr was a tiny bit concerned and wants me to talk with her endo about meeting with the nutritionist again.
The Dr was really impressed with how quickly Alivia has adjusted to the whole thing! And how well she just does what needs to be done without any kind of reward other than a verbal praise. She picks what finger she wants poked, actually pushes the button on the lancet to poke herself and picks where she wants her shot (usually one of her arms unless I tell her is the Lantus then it goes in her tummy). She was also amazed that her A1c went down from 14.1% to 7.7% in just 2 months!


Wendy said...


Don't worry too much about the weight thing...alot of that has to do with insulin. The endo knows how she's growing. It's very normal for kiddos to have a HUGE weight gain/growth spurt after starting insulin, but it should slow down to normal.

Anyway, I love her pretty cake and she IS such a beautiful princess!

Nicole said...

Happy birthday to Alivia, she is sooo cute and it looks like she had a wonderful day!! :)

Meri said...

I don't think Alivia gaining the weight back is concerning. Diabetics typically lose a lot of weight before diagnosis. Mine all gained back quickly.

A princess birthday party?
I'm so jealous!

Hallie Addington said...

Love the pics! She's a doll!!

We are having the same potty issues. Avery was doing well before dx but has backslid. If it's not constipation it's being afriad of pulling out the pump site. I wish I could give advice, but I need it, too! I'm finding it's hard to train a diabetic child!

Love that beautiful 3 year old princess!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Alivia! Beautiful pictures.....such a pretty girl! :)
Don't worry about the weight gain, Jada gained a ton after diagnosis and is now right where she should be. Alivia sounds like she is as healthy as she can be!
As far as staying dry at night...I would say it's NOT a diabetes thing. Some kids just take a very long time before their bladder can make it through the night. We have two that still struggle with it (and Jada isn't one of them!). It could be frustrating if you let it, but just realize it will happen when her body is ready.

You're doing AMAZING Chasity!!

Kathy said...

Wow what a happy looking 3 year old. Awesome A1C too. That is amazing. My daughter lost alot of weight before being diagnosed and put it back on quickly after she was diagnosed. You have to remember she also grew 2 inches. She's doing great and you are doing a great job helping her be healthy. Keep up the good work and enjoy that beautiful little girl. You are right they grow up so fast. Mine will be a "teenager" next week as she keeps reminding me.

Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like a great day!! Syd had a big weight jump after diagnosis too. at 4 1/2 at dx she was 29 lbs. Now she is up to 44 lbs at 6 but a big chunk of that happened after dx. I think you are doing great and awesome A1C!!!