Monday, May 10, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week...A day in the life

I promise Addison’s birth story is coming soon! It's been a draft for almost 3 weeks and just keeps getting longer and longer! It will come to an end soon...I hope!

Diabetes Blog Week Day 1 (just made it! 11:50pm!!!)

Ok now on to a day in my life...

12am: Hubby gets home from work and checks Alivia, he wakes me just enough to tell me she was high and needed a correction.

1:30am: Time to nurse baby Addison, I "TRY" to stay awake long enough to put her back in her bassinet (doesn't always happen!)

2:00am: Alivia’s beeping...check blood sugar, coming down but needs another correction, "Check BG-2hrs?"...Confirm

4:00am: Alivia’s beeping...check blood sugar, coming down more but needs another correction, "Check BG-2hrs?"...Confirm

5:30: Time to nurse baby Addison again. Fingers crossed the screaming didn't wake the other kids, if so I scoot over to the edge of the bed to make room for the little ones.

6:00am: Alivia’s beeping...check blood sugar, much correction needed

7am: Kids are up, snuggle the kiddos for a few minutes trying to catch just a few more minutes of rest, check Alivia, change Addison’s diaper, drag myself out of bed, help the kids get dressed.

7:30: Measure breakfast, bolus for breakfast, serve breakfast beg Alivia to finish eating breakfast all while nursing baby Addison.

7:45: Make lunch, finish getting Anthony ready for school, feed Alivia the last few bites of her breakfast while still nursing baby Addison.

8am: Diaper change and see Anthony off to school

8:15am: Diaper change woke up Addison, still hungry! Snuggle Alivia on the couch while nursing baby Addison.

8:30am: Another diaper change, Alivia helps me get Addison dressed and plays with her for a few minutes, nap time for baby Addison.

9am: Quick shower for me and if it's a good day I actually have time to get dressed AND dry my hair before Alivia comes in telling me that baby Addison needs me.

9:30am Another feeding for Addison, Alivia’s beeping...check blood sugar.

10:00am: Diaper change and back to feeding baby Addison, play dollhouse with Alivia

10:30am: Another diaper change and naptime for Addison, Alivia and I empty the dishwasher.

11:30am: Alivia’s beeping...check blood sugar, measure out lunch, baby starts screaming, bolus for lunch, serve lunch, beg Alivia to finish lunch, try to eat a few bites of my lunch, baby screams louder, nurse baby Addison

12:00pm: Diaper change and finish nursing Addison

12:30pm: Another diaper change and another nap for Addison, try to finish my lunch, try to figure out the carbs in the bites Alivia keeps taking from my plate, bolus Alivia for the half of my lunch she ate.

1:30pm: Time to nurse Addison again

2:00pm: Leave message for CDE about Alivia’s highs during the night, Say goodbye to the hubby as he leaves for work, diaper change and back to nursing.

2:30pm: Alivia’s beeping, "Liv please bring Mommy your meter", diaper change for Addison, Alivia’s still beeping, "Liv PLEASE bring Mommy your meter!", put Addison down for a nap, Alivia’s STILL beeping, get the meter myself, check blood sugar...a little on the high side, give correction.

3:00pm: Measure snack, bolus snack for Alivia, serve snack, get myself a snack since I only got half my lunch, eat half my snack when Alivia decides she wants what I'm having, measure, bolus, serve, Alivia decides she doesn't like what I'm having, pour Alivia some milk to make up for the snack she didn't eat.

3:30pm: Stand in the driveway waiting for the bus, CDE calls back, read off ALL Alivia’s numbers from the last 5 days while catching Anthony’s coat and backpack he rips off before even crossing the street, be greeted at the door by Alivia, "baby sister needs you!!!" ask the CDE to hold on, I can no longer hear her, Addison is screaming too loud, get Addison latched on and jot down the basal and insulin to carbs ratio changes.

4:00pm: Help with homework, diaper change, back to nursing

4:30pm: Diaper change, try to burp Addison with no luck, put Addison down for a nap, get dinner started

5:00pm: Alivia’s beeping...check blood sugar, "WARNING HIGH BLOOD GLOUCOSE ABOVE 600", wash hands and repeat, "WARNING HIGH BLOOD GLOUCOSE ABOVE 600", Addison needs to be burped...the screaming starts!!! Me: “Choose now, correction shot? or new site with no magic cream?" Liv: “Umm no shot, new site with magic cream!" Screaming baby gets louder Me: “We don't have time for magic cream! you're going to feel a poke either way just pick!" Liv: “MAGIC CREAM!" Screaming baby gets much MUCH louder!!! Anthony: "I can't hear the TV!!!" Me: “PICK NOW BEFORE YOU SLIP INTO A COMA!!!" Liv: “fine a new site with no magic cream", new site on the belly but still need to fill the cartridge and change it out, that can wait a few minutes, hook her back up to the old cartridge and give a big correction. Pick up Addison instantly a huge burp followed by LOTS of projectile spit up all over my shirt!

5:30pm: Quick shirt change. Try to salvage dinner. Measure, bolus and serve dinner. Fight with Anthony to try a bite of dinner. Addison starts fussing in the swing, hungry again since she threw up her last feeding. Take a few quick bites of my dinner.

6:00pm Un-hook Alivia from her pump and gather everything needed to change the cartridge . Get Addison latched on and get to work setting basals and ratios, change out cartridge and get Liv hooked back up.

6:30pm Bath time

7:00pm Bed time...YAY!!!

7:30pm Alivia’s beeping...check blood sugar, coming down nicely, hope the new basal works tonight. Finish my dinner.

8:00pm Give Addison a bath and ready for bed

8:30pm Nurse Addison

9:00pm Cuddle with Addison who is wide awake

9:30pm Put Addison to bed. Clean up dinner mess. Clear a path through the living room so Hubby doesn't break his neck when he comes home.

10:00pm Head upstairs, check Alivia’s blood sugar...73! Was it the correction? Was it the new ratio? Was it the new basal? Did she not eat all her dinner? Back downstairs for a juice box (glad I cleared a path!) Get myself ready for bed. Re-check blood sugar...113. Back down stairs for 7grams of milk.

10:30pm Check on Addison. Climb into bed, find something good on TV to fall asleep to.

11:00pm Fall asleep...Addison starts fussing...wanting to be fed.

12am: Hubby gets home from work and checks Alivia...167 Perfect!


Joanne said...

ohmygosh you are one BUSY woman! I cannot wait to hear the birth story... come one, it's not like you have anything better to do!

And congrats on little Addison by the way!

Tracy said...

Oh how I remember the days of a toddler, Diabetes, and a newborn! I am exhausted reading your post!

Thanks for taking the time to share your day with all of us!

Nicole said...

lordy, lordy that is one busy day!! You are doing great :) but I think that you forgot to document when YOU sleep.....oh that is right you have don't!!

Brenda said...

Congratulations on baby Addison!!! Wow, it's busy now!!!!

k2 said...

WOW- I'm tired from just reading your post- which was wonderful!
Kelly K

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

This post reminded me so much of when my kids were newborns! Great post! :)

Kelly said...

OH MY. As much as I miss my newborns and toddlers, I can honestly say that with D in the mix I would be a disaster!

traveller said...

Goodness! And here I can barely cope with 4 kids and I do have help with the baby! I am inspired. And take great comfort that I am not alone.

I should introduce myself.. I am Ivy, mom to four kids -- dd3 is 6 and diagnosed with t1 last April, 3 weeks after ds was born.