Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anthonys First Day of Pre-School

The 9th was Anthony's 1st day of pre-school! He LOVED it!
I'm sure you're wondering why me an pre-school teacher would sent her son to a different school... well he refused to obey me while he was in my class :( and i didn't feel like i was able to teach him as well as another teacher who wasn't his mom. And i was right his teachers say he is WONDERFUL and has no behavior problems! Another reason was that he was a little ahead of the other kids in my class... most of my 4 year olds are just learning there letters by sight, Anthony however has known them for over a year and know most of the letter sounds. I'm actually getting prepared to start teaching him to read! I just didn't think it was fair to hold him back because the other children weren't "there" yet. So he goes 2 days a week for 3 1/2 hours. And the last reason we chose for him to go with-in the school district is because his Doctor recommended it... he's very smart but we feel his speech is not what it should be and this way he can get any extra help he needs... a speech therapist is coming to sit in his class this week to evaluate him.

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